23 / 05 / 2016


CEREC now available in York!

Thorpe Dental Group are please to announce that we are able to offer CEREC restorations at our Woodthorpe site.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a dental restoration that allows dental practitioners to produce ceramic dental restorations using 3D photography.

CEREC allows the dental practitioner to produce a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay within an hour- a procedure that would normally take up to two weeks!

How does it work?

Instead of the traditional method of using dental putty to create an impression, CEREC creates a 3D model of the tooth using a highly sensitive camera. Once this has been created, it is sent to an onsite milling machine which fabricates the tooth from a ceramic block- a process which takes anywhere form 6-30 minutes.

Ceramic blocks come in a wide range of colours and shades and will be selected to match the clour of the surrounding teeth.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

Protects and preserves your own tooth’s structural integrity
Ceramics are bio-compatible
Only one appointment
Perfect looks
Perfect comfort
Perfect quality
Long lasting and durable
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