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….without drilling!

White or brown marks on front teeth can be unsightly.  There are a number of causes, including trauma or a disturbance to the developing enamel in childhood. The enamel often develops with increased porosity or decreased mineralisation making them more prone to staining and to dental decay.

There are now some effective treatments available which aim to lessen the visibility of these discoloured areas and improve the appearance of the teeth.  Often these treatments can be used together to get the best cosmetic outcome, all without drilling!

1.            Tooth whitening               from £360

Tooth whitening involves bleaching the upper and lower teeth, using a Carbamide Peroxide gel in a glycerine base.  The process aims to lighten the overall shade of the teeth and can mask some white spots effectively, although in many cases microabrasion or resin infiltration will also be required. Tooth whitening is known to be safe and does not damage teeth.  It can increase the sensitivity of the teeth for the duration of the treatment but this is usually fully reversible.

2.            Microabrasion                   from £55* per tooth

This is a process by which tiny amounts of the outer layer of dental enamel are polished away using an abrasive compound in order to correct enamel defects.  Multiple treatments may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

* Multiple sessions may be required


3.            Resin infiltration               from £135

White and brown spot lesions on teeth are often more porous than the surrounding  enamel.  In this technique a low viscosity resin material is applied to the tooth surface which then infiltrates into the porous spaces in the enamel. This has the effect of fading the lesion often to the point where it is not noticeable.