Intravenous Sedation

Available at – Bishopthorpe

Conscious intravenous sedation is an important fundamental aspect of the modern practice of dentistry

Intravenous sedation is available here, at Thorpe Dental Group in York. Sedation is ideal for those of us who have a real fear of dentistry, or for those individuals with certain conditions which make it difficult for them to be treated under normal conditions.

In addition, patients who are nervous and faced with the prospect of an unpleasant, possibly distressing dental procedure can have sedation to reduce their apprehension and anxiety which may accompany it.

Sedation allows the dentist to perform various dental treatments in fewer appointments, in a stress and worry free way, for both them and the patient.

Call us today at our Bishopthorpe practice if you require any further information.  Alternatively you can book a consultation appointment with Dr Catherine Lightowler or Dr Carlie Betts.

For further information on Sedation, please visit the Dental Fear Central Website